Become a VIP Member & Receive Spring/Fall Tune Up Services

  • Inspect air purification systems
  • Wash condenser coil
  • Inspect duct system
  • Inspect evaporator coils where accessible
  • Inspect blower motor and blower wheel
  • Check blower motor belts
  • Inspect drain pan/lines
  • Inspect system electrical components
  • Inspect compressor amperages against ratings
  • Inspect fan motor amperages against ratings
  • Check air temperatures/thermostat operation
  • Check refrigerant charge
  • Check air distribution throughout house
  • Check safety controls
  • Provide carbon monoxide testing
  • Inspect heat exchangers for cracks in gas furnaces
  • Inspect heating elements for electric furnaces
  • Check temperature rise across furnace
  • Light pilot, if needed


vipVIP Members also receive diagnostic services for only $40!

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Terms & Conditions of Agreement

This agreement is effective from the date it is accepted and shall remain in force, except as otherwise provided in this agreement for THE DURATION INDICATED ABOVE. THEREAFTER, IT MAY BE TERMINATED OR INDIVIDUAL AIR CONDITIONING AND HEATING SYSTEMS MAY BE WITH DRAWN FROM THIS AGREEMENT, BY EITHER PARTY, PROVIDINGTHREE (3) DAYS PRIOR WRITTEN NOTICE HAS BEEN GIVEN. Any monetary adjustments will be made on a prorated basis. Further, air conditioning and heating systems, in addition to those listed hereof, may be added to this Agreement by mutual agreement. This agreement will automatically renew each year unless cancelled.


The customer will pay the annual fee of $129.99 per HVAC system which appears on the Agreement, within 10 days of customer’s receipt of invoice. The services listed above will be performed and the technician will provide a report on the condition of customers HVAC system. The technician will outline any necessary repairs with the customer. If the customer requires additional service, the customer will be billed by technician. Charges shall be paid when the service is performed. Interest at INSTALLATIONS, REPAIRS AND REPLACEMENT PARTS ARE NOT COVERED UNDER THIS AGREEMENT AND SHALL BE PAID FOR AT ESTABLISHED CHARGES THEN IN EFFECT.


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